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Clock Evo: PMS Detailed Specifications

Guest and Company Profiles

The profile database saves the time and efforts of all of your staff, from the reservation agent to the sales manager

While basic customer profiles can contain only a few details that can save you some time, in the company profiles you can store as much information as you can imagine. The more details you record in the database, the easier it will be to work with that contractor later on.

  • Information.

    The profiles contain all the necessary information about your customers - contact details, invoicing instruction, payment method and routing - everything that would help you provide the best service should be written here. You can specify room preferences, special requirements, exclusive housekeeping instructions, even things like food allergies or favourite wine. When a booking is made with this profile and the guests arrive, all departments will be informed accordingly about the services they should provide. The available information is automatically filled in in address cards and invoices.
  • Profile details

  • Negotiated rates & contractual conditions.

    You may have hundreds of contracted rates but you don’t have to remember them by heart. The pricing information gets automatically transferred to every new booking once the profile is selected. When assigning the respective rates you can also make some or all of them available for online sales through password protected access to your website. Besides the prices, you can also store different modifiers like discounts, surcharges, packages (e.g. 10=14), “Early birds” etc. and they will be automatically calculated and posted.

  • Assign rate

  • Custom rate for a specific arrival.

    If, for any reason, a custom price or service (e.g. upgrade) is negotiated for a specific arrival, this can be indicated directly in the booking and will be posted automatically on the account of the guest/company.

  • Deposits processing, credit status and limit.

    If a contract includes advanced deposit made by the client that is consumed with each arrival, the system tracks the updates on this deposit. If a credit limit is set for an account and the outstanding postings reach that limit, the software blocks the account until a payment or a deposit is received. No further postings are allowed and each attempt to add one results in a special notification. Profile accounts can also be set not to accept postings from the POS or other interfaces. A “credit account” status allows postponed invoicing for room charges (e.g. tour operator contract) and informs your staff to issue an invoice only for the extra services on check out. Operations with credit accounts are restricted by access level rights.

  • Payment instructions and routing.

    Setting checkout and payment policies for a profile provides your staff with information about how to issue the documents and process the payment. For example, invoice for the room charges to be issued to the company and extra services to be paid directly by the guest. This also helps your front desk to prepare the check-out procedures in advance and then finalise them within seconds. Profiles may also be assigned special invoice formats, optimized for groups and for comparison with the partner's rooming lists.
  • Default payment

  • Processing and access restrictions to profile and account information.

    The access to process certain profile accounts may be restricted to specific users. If such limitation is assigned to a profile, users without the respective rights will not be able to see or modify postings and prices. This functionality is designed to provide price confidentiality on special accounts.

  • Allotments, cut-off periods and booking positions.

    Another features to be defined in tour operator profiles are the contracted allotments and release periods. You can also register the booking positions sent by the operator. Using this information, the system calculates the occupancy forecast for the hotel. Clock EVO hotel software also tracks the allotments and release periods and alerts the user in case of overbooking or term violation.

  • Profile history

  • Profile history and statistics.

    Last but not least, the profile database is a source of information for your sales department. They can search through all profiles to generate distribution lists for marketing campaigns, based on different criteria - turnover, number of nights, revenue. The results of such researches can be exported to MS Office / OpenOffice documents and the files sent to the customers can be linked to the profiles for prompt activity overview. The detailed statistics and history of each profile help your sales team to evaluate the effect of a contract and adjust the prices and conditions offered. Statistics are enabled for number of nights, turnover, average price, etc. and can be compared to specified past periods.

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